Cigarettes: Causes And Effects Of Smoking In Today's Society

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Cigarette. A long cylindrical roll of tobacco that has been smoked by men and women for centuries. The smoke in cigarettes contains over 4000 chemicals including 43 known cancer-causing compounds. The main product of the cigarette that makes cigarettes so addicting is nicotine.Although people have a right to freely smoke it affects all the people around them and can cause many illnesses and also be a cause of cancer. With all the unknown chemicals inside of the drug, it can lead to many diseases. With smoking becoming a part of everyday society there might not be any stop anytime soon. Although people that smoke will argue that many things that people consume can cause diseases; however it has been proven that smoking cigarettes can lead to…show more content…
They do not care what all the chemicals inside of that cigarette do to their bodies as long as they get the sensation that they crave. In addition to the chemicals in cigarettes, some of the compounds found in cigarettes are also found in items such as rat poison, toilet cleaners, and formaldehyde, which is used to preserve dead animals.People who smoke are 20 times more likely to develop lung cancer than people who do not smoke.This shows that when people smoke they don't think they realize what they are doing to their own bodies and how much it can affect their whole lives. They need to understand that people love them and if they keep smoking they won't be able to go out for runs, or exercise, or have fun in general.This is important because people need to know how to control themselves and try and overcome their addiction and make sure that they understand what they are doing to their bodies and how it affects them internally and externally.Smokers can argue that smoking doesn't kill or affect them in any harmful way, but the mixtures and compounds inside of the cigarette say…show more content…
Breathing just a little smoke from the cigarette is still dangerous.Inhaling secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer in nonsmoking adults or children. ( shows that many adults that smoke also have children that can be affected by their habit. When they smoke the same chemicals that enter their bodies, can also go into their kid's bodies too. It doesn't just affect their kids it can also enter their pets which gives the same chemicals just like when it happens to a child.This is important because if this keeps happening those kids will grow up with already developed lung cancer or heart disease. You can also develop ear infections, coughs and colds, respiratory problems, and tooth problems.In addition, to smoking being almost everywhere, Secondhand smoking is everywhere too. Secondhand smoking is the smoke an individual breathes out and that comes from the tip of burning cigarettes. It contains about 4,000 chemicals and many of those chemicals are cancer causing ones. This shows that it is a proven fact that when people are around smokers while they are smoking or not, they are exposed to the same chemicals the individual has contained from the cigarette.This is important because many people think that you can only gain these diseases if you do the smoking yourself, but you can still contract the same diseases and sicknesses as the smoker without even touching

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