Cigarettes Should Be Illegal

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Should Cigarettes be illegal?

Should smoking be illegal? Yes. Why you may ask? Well, simply because it KILLS. People don’t understand the side effects of smoking. Smoking leads to a huge amount of diseases. Smoking leads to; Cancer, Brain Damage, High blood pressure, gum disease etc. So there’s obviously a huge health risk by just smoking right? So why do people still smoke?

Smoking should be illegal. Simply because it kills! Let’s say, 1 in every 5th death is caused by smoking. Scary right? Indeed. But that’s not all. The average smoker will lose about 10 years of life just because of smoking cigarettes. Crazy right? If that doesn’t convince you to stop smoking, I don’t know what does. I get smoking is fairly hard to give up but there are other options to help you give it up for good. Such as; Electrical Cigarettes. Some people say it helps you quit smoking, but recent studies have found that ‘Vaping’ doesn’t really necessarily help you quit smoking as it still contains nicotine (which is also found in cigarettes). But you can get Electrical Cigarettes that don’t contain nicotine, which is definitely the better options forward.
There are better options than using a Electrical Cigarette but it’s definitely a good step in the right direction to stop smoking. As for other options, you could have Nicotine therapy replacement. Which is just other ways for consuming nicotine by not smoking i.e; Nicotine Gun, patches, inhalers and so on. So there’s definitely no excuse for you

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