Cigarettes Vs E-Cigs Research Paper

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Electronic cigarettes are definitely safer then regular cigarettes. Although e-cigs are not totally safe, that is expected, our bodies aren’t meant to be inhaling anything other then oxygen. There is a safer alternative then cigarettes, ninety-five percent safer actually. Yes, e-cigs have been proven to be that much safer then the regular stinky cigarettes. 480,000, that is the number of deaths that were caused by cigarettes alone, that is a scary number. There has been one death caused from e-cigs in the last 11 years they have been on the market. These devices are safer in multiple ways. There are over 4,000 chemicals known to be in a regular cigarette, there are four additives in electronic cigarette juice. Two of these four components are found in everyday foods, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The only other…show more content…
Electronic cigarettes can effect your ability to cough and make it harder. Even if it is a time when it is needed to get out mucus and other bad things, you wont be able to get it out. “It would be similar to smoking, only less…and you might get a chronic cough, or raise a little [mucus].”-Dr. Norman Edelman Also if you have a device that gets to high temperature and you are using a device with nickel or titanium coils it can release toxic chemicals. Vaping can also cause a chronic cough or pneumonia, since there is water vapor being inhaled depending on how much you use your device. The vapor devices themselves are not very harmful at all, the nicotine is the worst part, that’s because nicotine is an addictive drug and can cause heart problems. “Prolonged exposure to nicotine may be linked to an increased risk for atherosclerosis, or a hardening of the arteries that can cause heart attacks.”-Brown university In conclusion we have enough evidence and research that we can say electronic cigarettes are definitely a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, and are almost
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