Cigna Cultural Competency

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Creating value through collaboration has been a topic of concern over the last 50 years as the spending in health care has increased. The goal is to provide quality and affordability and because of past efforts, enrollment increased drastically while it created a shortage of providers. Integrating behavioral and medical health has not been properly addressed due to stigmas and lack of education. Behavior health is more common today and costly. In efforts to integrate and improve patient outcomes and provider experiences there are many ways to achieve this goal such as train medical providers, train behavioral practioniers and embed behavioral providers in primary care settings. Cigna’s approach can help promote behavioral awareness and respond…show more content…
More companies are expanding sites for their employees insuring high quality care, saving them time and travel costs. This will be a convenience for employees as it will not require them to take extra time off work. Cigna wants employers to achieve a healthier workforce and provide a wide range of services that will meet the needs of individuals. Cultural Competency in Health Care wants to focus on delivering quality care to diverse populations. With the population continuing to increase, Cigna wants to incorporate existing barriers in understanding ways to improve a healthy outcome. Cultural competency is the mission to ensure that all members will have a personalized experience when receiving care. Cigna reimbursement policies and procedures include electronic transfer funds (ETF), electronic remittance advice (ERA), medical supplies, multiple procedures and overpayment recovery procedures. Electronic transfer funds (ETF) are payments made direct into your bank account providing quick service, accurate payments and security of your accounts. Enrollment takes about 4-6 weeks and verification is needed for other account…show more content…
Enrolled health care providers receive lower costs, time savings, fewer errors and shorter payment cycles. In order to receive ERA’s you must request the Cigna registration form using your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) vendor and Post-n-Track. Once you completed and submit the form, registration can take up to 10 business day of receipt. Post-n-Track is available at no cost to health care professionals of Cigna. Consumable medical supplies are covered in agreement with inpatient, outpatient, home health, diabetic and breast construction and breast prostheses services. Consumable medical supplies are non-durable medical supplies that are disposable, cannot withstand repeated use, used to serve a medical purpose, not useful to a person in the absence of illness or injury and may be order or prescribed by a physician. The reimbursement policy for medical supplies should be billed using the accurate codes. Managed Care Guidelines are listed to determine which supplies are and are not covered by
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