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In the satirical novel, “Dealing with Dragons,” by Patricia C. Wrede, Cimorene is a princess who refuses to accept her social and illustrious stance in society. In general, Cimorene decided to go against traditional princess behavior and wanted independence for herself. Through her adventure she faced wizards, witches, and dragons and ultimately decides to become a dragon’s princess. With her help the dragons find out about the wicked wizards and put a stop to the treacherous dragon, Woraug, in his ambition to be king. However, Cimorene was not justified in ignoring the expected social norms in the Medieval society because her kingdom would have brought her wealth, safety, and power.
Cimorene should have followed through with her marriage
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For instance, in the beginning of the novel, the reader finds that the competent Cimorene is excellent in her different talents, and even the people of the kingdom respect her strong will. For example, the writer states, “...they said she was strong minded.” (2) . This proves that Cimorene has the talent and personality to rule over a kingdom. It also shares that Cimorene, with her love for women’s equality, could use her strong influence to gain respect for each gender. Another quote that embodies this fact is when she tricks Therandil into believing that she is hurt. The satirical novel writes, “Cimorene started to say that it was nothing and that it had been her fault anyway, when she suddenly got a much better idea.” (41) . This quote leads you into how Cimorene cleverly tricks the young prince, and shows her wits as a princess. With this intelligent mind of hers, Cimorene could use her powerful stance in the kingdom to advance society. She could use her wits to make women have inalienable rights in the Medieval society. All in all, throughout the story Cimorene reveals her strong personality that could be a driving force in political
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