Cinco Bolivianos: A Short Story

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Jingle jingle jingle made the noise of my glass ‘hang in there’ mug with 2 and a half bolivianos. When, I saw a nice man selling salteñas delicious, delicious salteñas with chicken. I decided to get one and I walked to him “Uno salteña con pollo por favor?” I asked “Cinco Bolivianos” he responded with a rejection form of voice Man I hate my life I thought to myself. I ran to the people begging for money. All I got was a punch in the face, a kick in the knee, and a push on the ground that shattered my ‘hang in there’ mug. Luckily i got 2 bolivianos, I gave up. Until some idiot decided to put half a Boliviano taped it to a rock so the sharp side faced me and threw it like a tennis ball machine. After getting hit in the face I was unconscious.

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