Cinda Warner's Being Overweight And Unlucky In Love?

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Being overweight and unlucky in love is hard enough for a young woman. But when Cinda Warner finds out that she has a failing heart, her life goes from bad to awful. Just after hearing her diagnosis, she broadsides a car, knocking it off the highway. Her heart skips a beat during the collision, but it almost stops completely when she sees Hank, a man she met a year earlier, walking unhurt and unburnt from the blazing wreckage. Were-dragon Hank Jansen is thrilled to find the girl he’d lost track of a year earlier. Taking her back to his ranch, he and his two weredragon friends, Walken Hardgrove and Grant Richman, think Cinda might be the curvy mate they’ve waited centuries to find. Yet when they discover she only has a short time to live, they’re heartbroken. Changing her isn’t an option so how can they save her?…show more content…
She does everything she can to make the girl’s life brighter and she sees how wonderful the men are, giving not only their time, but their money to help others. Yet what are the shimmers in the air? And why have they promised to show a young boy a real, live dragon? When Penny suddenly dies, Cinda is heartbroken. The men rally around her, but when Cinda’s own heart fails, they’re left with the possibility that they may lose their mate. Yet they’re not ready to give up. Hearing that a pregnancy might give her more time, they get Cinda pregnant. Yet instead of merely keeping Cinda’s heart functioning, the baby weredragon’s own healing abilities end up healing her heart after the baby is
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