Cindahamella Lydella Coming Home Analysis

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Escaping Torture

Once upon a time there was a young girl who lived in a land called Far Far Far Away Land. The girl was called Cindahoella and she lived with her stepmom, Ladu and stepsisters, Anastucia and Druzulla. She was abused and treated like a slave, now that, according to her stepmother she was no more than an ugly peasant. She was all shy, but smart, and she would respect her stepmother like if it was a life and death situation, but she was getting tired of the abuse. One day Cindahoella decided to escape knowing that the consequences were not going to be good. But even though, she still did it. She ran 25 miles deep into the forest and hid from her “evil” family. Until one day, her stepsisters went crazy looking desperate for Cindahoella but they didn’t find her. Cindahoella spent 3 months hiding in the forest until she received an unexpected visit.

In the forest Cindahoella found an old cabin where she stayed, hiding from her step family. She was all safe until this old lady appeared out of nowhere. She looked like a sweet old lady but she would give chills like if she was an under covered witch. Cindahoella was scared but she then convinced herself that it was just her thoughts trying to beware strangers. The old lady entered the cabin and started walking all over the place like if she knew where she was.
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MOM! MOTHER! THE POLICE CALLED US! MOM!” the stepsisters yelled. “Give me a freaking break!” replied Ladu. The girls went running to the mother’s room and Druzulla tripped over Lucifer, the cat and almost killed him. “Sorry devil!” she screamed as she entered the room. As Anastucia closes the door she says: “Mom, guess what? The police called and said that they found Cindahoella’s shoe in their way to the forest. SHE’S GOING TO BE SO DEAD WHEN WE FIND HER!” *Anastucia and Druzulla laugh maniacally* “Good job my children, now we just have to wait. Tsk tsk tsk, she’s going to regret escaping from this beautiful hell”. *Ladu laughs

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