Cinder: A Cinderella Story

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Cinder a book my friends have been nagging me to read for over a year. I was really hesitant to read this book, it didn’t seem to be something I’d be into. The whole plot sounded weird. I mean, a cyborg mechanic is Cinderella? But when I finally couldn’t stall any longer, I was blown away, it wasn 't anything I’d expected it to be. WHY? WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS BOOK SOONER? I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this story. Although some parts of Cinder was really predictable and I felt that the plot twist ran up and punches you in the face on only the first chapter. But I quickly got over this because the story was engaging and interesting.

Even though I didn’t like the sound of the plot it was really interesting and really well done. It 's bold and I applaud Marissa Meyer for thinking this up. The story is a retelling of Cinderella, with other fairy tales mixed in. Cinder is a mechanic and a cyborg that lives with her stepmother, and two stepsisters. One that hates her and another that adores her. Because Cinder is a Cyborg she does not have the same rights that normal people have. While Cinder is working in the market as her shop Prince Kia comes and asks her to fix his android. The Prince then
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I was kinda disappointed with the setting. The story was meant to be in New Beijing, Futuristic China but we didn’t see much Chinese flavour in the story or any infusion of Eastern cultures or customs. But otherwise it was really good I think Marissa is more of a poet than a writer but this really intertwined well when describing the surrounding it made it much easier to imagine the scene, and this made me feel closer to the characters.
I also felt that the author didn’t describe the backstory for the lunars well. Like who or what are these Lunar people? And how did they get on the moon? And why does the queen want a war with earth so badly?
I’m not trying to hate on the story I just feel like the author could have described it better, to give it a bit more

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