Cinder Character Analysis Essay

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Cinder is the only women gifted mechanic and her work is respected, but not her as she meets Prince Kai at her shop. Cinder has a step – mom and has two-step – sisters who live off Cinders income. Cinder has some body parts that are mechanical like her foot and hand. Cinder faces many obstacles to go to the ball and get to know Prince Kai as the story progresses. Cinder is just a really humble, loving, and selfless person. Cinder is a very humble person because she does not understand why the Prince wants her to go to the ball. So Cinder does not think of herself as arrogant and haughty just because Prince Kai wants her to come to the ball. She is just humble and kind and does not think of herself as if she is above everyone else. “While her sisters were given beautiful dresses and fine slippers, Cinderella had only a filthy smock and wooden shoes.”(pg.1) this shows that Cinders family is arrogant about…show more content…
Cinder never ask much from her step – mom and step – sisters. She is perfectly fine with what she has now. “If income from the market wasn’t deposited directly into your account, I would have bought one by now.” (pg.23) this shows that all the money that Cinder makes goes directly to her step – mom and not her and she does not even get to use that money for herself. All I can say is that Cinder is a wonderful girl and is amazing at what she does. Cinder and Prince Kai met at the mechanical shop that Cinder owns and so from there is where there story started talking form. She finds a way to go to the ball and meet Prince Kai. Cinder finds a way to get ready for the ball and she finds a transportation to Prince Kai’s ball. Cinder does not trouble her step – mom and step – sisters when she was going to go to the ball. In conclusion, Cinder is a humble, loving, and selfless woman who conquers all her obstacles throughout the book by
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