Cinder Edna Compare And Contrast

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Cinderella is one of the most popular fairytales of our time because it is a beloved rags-to-riches story that can be inspiring to children. However, it gives them this idea that you must be dependent on others to grant you the things that you want in order to have a happy life. Ellen Jackson wrote a modern version of the fairytale by creating Cinder Edna to show that you don’t have to depend on a fairy godmother or marry a prince to live happily ever after. Therefore, the author displays many differences between them which gives a new and different idea to readers that having a good, strong character will get you through anything in life. The only similarity that Cinder Edna & Cinderella share is that they both live with a wicked step family and are forced to work as servants for them. Yet, there are many differences between them in how they…show more content…
For instance, the author says that Cinderella still looks really beautiful even if she wears ragged, sooty clothing in the beginning of the story. Although, she was mainly perceived as a helpless person because her fairy godmother was surprised that she couldn’t figure out anything for herself. On the other hand, the author describes Cinder Edna as an unattractive person in her looks, yet she has a strong, spunky personality and a sense of humor which makes her more admirable. Therefore, I believe the author contradicts their appearances and personalities to show that having a bright outlook and a strong, positive mindset is more valuable than having wealth and a beautiful appearance. Lastly, we also have to consider the fact that times have drastically changed since the original story of Cinderella was first published. However, Ellen Jackson’s modern take on the story of Cinder Edna gives a new idea to children that they don’t have to rely on others to be happy, and they are the only ones who are in control of their
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