Cinder Word Choice Analysis

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In the book Cinder, the author expresses the theme that bravery is how you decide to face the worst, through her word choice, and dark and desperate tone. Her powerful words contribute not only to how you view the protagonist and Peony’s lives, but also to how they decide to face the cruel world around them. Although the word choice shows that they both have a hard life, they’re constantly fighting the pain, to get over it, which relates back to the theme. Both word choice and tone had a great influence in how readers decide to view the characters, and the lives that they are leading. While reading this book, it seemed that word choice played a really big part, as to how you view Cinder as a person. For instance, the words “ dirty” and “miserable” show that the life Cinder is leading is hard. Word choice set up a very dark tone to fit the hard life Cinder is living. These words can connect back to the theme that bravery is how you face the worst, because the words show that Cinder had been through a lot, yet her motivations show that she won’t give up. Although she’s seen the darkest part of life. The word choice throughout the book also makes…show more content…
It emphasises the fact that she doesn't deserve to go through the pain. One example of this would be in the quote “a child”. The author uses the word “child" because children usually symbolize as innocent, sweet, kids.The word connects to how you view Peony because she is described as a child, which might also portray that Cinder doesn’t feel that Peony has the strength to stand up to such pain. The quote connects back to the theme that bravery is how you decide to face the worst because although Peony’s nature is kind and innocent, she’s fighting against the worst thing that has ever happened in her life, death, which indicates the true bravery in
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