Cinderella Narrative Essay

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In one small town lived a girl. She was very pretty, extraordinarily talented, intelligent beyond her years, and also had a very kind heart. She always had a lot of ideas, never gave up and infected people with her cheerfulness. She remarkably drew, but even better played a piano and always been a soul of any company. Her name was Cinderella. Cinderella was so bright and charming that all men just lost their heads from her combination of inner and outer beauty. It was the time when Cinderella fell in love. Her true love was a very nice man a little older than her, but his money and ability to earn them made her feel very secure as behind a brick wall. When time to make a decision came, whether she should go to continue her postgraduate studies…show more content…
She went down to check the door and without raising her eyes opened it. The first thing she heard made her come back to her senses. A pleasant, ringing female voice said to her: "My dear, is this a way to welcome dear guests? ". Cinderella looked up and saw before her an unusually attractive middle-aged woman who looked inquiringly at her with sparkles of humor in her beautiful blue eyes. Woman seemed very familiar to Cinderella, but she could not remember where she had met her, especially since the latest events had knocked her out of the rut that it was not something to remember because she couldn’t understand what was happening at the current moment of her life. "Cinderella, it's me your godmother. Can’t you recognize me?!" the woman asked. And for the first time in her seemingly long life Cinderella could smile remembering that lady and her photograph at family album and her dream of meeting her in order to change her life. Cinderella wiped her tears, apologized to the long-awaited guest and quietly, so not to wake the children took her to the kitchen. She quickly brew a fragrant green tea with herbs and put small snacks on the table for Godmother and Cinderella sat down on a chair and froze in anticipation of a miracle. She was sure that fairy Godmother appeared not for nothing and that now her life will change and everything will be good. The godmother to eat, and, sipping her tea in small sips, continued to look very warmly at
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