Thesis Statement For Cinderella Inhumane

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Register to read the introduction…They would scatter lentils in for her to pick up out of the ashes. Cinderella would do exactly what her evil step mother and step sisters told her to do. Cinderella’s was very inhumane to her they basically treated her like an washed up old doormat. One day their prince was to have a ceremony to find a wife all the women got invited but Cinderella’s stepmother, the meanest on the face of the earth, deemed poor Cinderella not to attend saying “You Cinderella?” she said, “You’re all covered with dust and dirt, and you want to go to the festival?. You have neither clothes nor shoes, and yet you want to dance!”(“Cinderella”) Cinderella obviously wept, especially knowing that her stepmother was the reason she had no clothes or shoes and also the fact that she was very…show more content…
The prince saw her and immediately fell in love so he harbored her by his side the whole time. When it was time to dance he declared to whoever asked Cinderella to dance “She is my dance partner” (“Cinderella”) and when it was time to eat he sat by her and never ate instead he just gazed at her beauty.
When Cinderella realized that it was almost time to go she had to escape from the prince’s clutch and get home, so, she ran from him behind the house into the garden house. He waited for her father to come and said to him “The unknown girl has eluded me, and I believe she has climbed up that pear tree.” (“Cinderella”). The father thought “Could it be Cinderella?” (“Cinderella”). Cinderella had escaped from the other side or the tree and went
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