Cinderella Archetypes

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In each story she is beaten down only to rise up through the ashes from the fire her “family” ignited. Cinderella, the Grimm Brother’s version, “Cinderella”, and the “Little Golden Book Cinderella”, have vast similarities, but in each one of the story there is something that stands out. The theme, archetypes, and the deaths in all of the Cinderella stories play enormous parts in what makes these stories similar, and what makes them unique. The theme in each story plays a significant part in what makes each story unique varying from vengeance, to hard work and respect. “Have courage and be kind”, that is a stressed theme in the movie “Cinderella”, it is Ella’s mother dying words. Throughout the whole movie we see Ella always being a positive person no matter how unhappy the situation is or how unkind her stepmother and step-sisters are, the reason behind this being because she wants to keep a promise to her mother and always tries to find the good side in the negative situations. In the little golden book version the theme presented is; hard work and respect will pay off in your future The death aspect of this story has a lot of similarities due to the fact that a lot of the deaths stay consistent including the mother, the…show more content…
In each story of cinderella you ever read there will always be an evil mother, in the three stories given, each one has an evil mother which is the step mother, she is the one who gives Ella orders and does not care a bit for her. In the movie version butterflies are constantly shown as a sign of independence and purity, while the sign in the Grimm Brother’s version was the doves which meant innocence. Then there is the fairy godmother, she plays the good mother in all Cinderella stories, she gives Ella a boost of confidence when she had reached her lowest low and makes her feel like kindness and hard work can achieve
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