Cinderella Argumentative Essay

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Have you ever received an invitation to show up for an event which you did not want to attend? Did the nudging feeling of a guilty conscience and obligation eventually prevail and so the next thing you know you find yourself lapping up a postage and mailing out your yes answer? On the day of the event, you still don 't want to go, but you already said you would so now it 's a matter of respect and responsibility. Ultimately, you decide to change your attitude since you have taken the time to shower, get dressed, and throw on some smell good. You determine that after going through all of the trouble to meet an obligation, you may as well do the best you can to have a swell time while you are in there. I feel as though this is the same challenge that heroes who are called to adventure face. In Disney’s 2015 movie Cinderella, she accepts an invitation to commit acts of righteousness, out of duty, not desire. Joseph Campbell, author of…show more content…
Campbell’s third stage in a hero’s journey is “supernatural aid” the mentor may provide wisdom, strength equipment, guidance, or magical capabilities in order for the hero to stay the course and continue to fight the good fight. ( For Cinderella, her supernatural aid is her fairy godmother, whom she meets in the garden while crying. Under the guise of being an old beggar woman, Cinderella’s fairy godmother introduces herself. Shortly thereafter, her fairy godmother reveals her true self to Cinderella. With the assistance of magical powers, Cinderella’s date with destiny gets under way. Magic saves the day by turning a pumpkin into a carriage, lizards into footmen, a goose into a coachman, and then finally, Cinderella’s rags are turned into a stunning blue gown, to include glass slippers. The Cinderella movie has now fulfilled Campbell’s third stage by introducing Cinderella’s fairy godmother into the picture. The use of magic, equips Cinderella with everything she needs to continue her pursuit of happiness, kindness and
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