Cinderella Chapter Summary

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Ashes to Ashes-Cinderella to Cinder
Everyone knows the classic origins of fairy-tales. However, Marissa Meyer takes this classic story of Cinderella and remakes it into one grand science fiction adventure in Cinder. The novel starts off with the main protagonist, Cinder. Readers are met with a very different take of events, when Cinder begins to talk of taking off her foot! The idea that the infamous slipper in the classic tale is transformed into one that is mechanical/removal is a marvelous twist. When I first read the summary about this novel I was immediately drawn to the fact that it is set in a dystopian/futuristic world. Also, it is so exciting that Cinder is Chinese, finding diversity in YA Literature is somewhat sparse, so I was really thrilled to hear of some vast diversity. When I was younger I once heard a different version of Cinderella. The gist of it was that it was set it China, and Cinderella had only one friend in the world- a fish in the nearby lake. It stayed to the classic tale of evil step-mother/sister 's, but she talked to the fish all the time and he was magical so he communicated back. He was the one that helped her get to the ball in the tale. However, when her stepmother discovered this she ends up telling Cinderella that she had prepared fish for their dinner. It was Cinderella 's fish friend. Her stepmother tells her that the leftovers are for her. Cinderella takes the fish 's bones and
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The overall book was a delight to read. I 'm a little bit overjoyed to discover that there are so many books in this series. Scarlet, Cress, Fairest, Winter, and Stars Above, are soon to be added to my collection! Plus, I recently discovered on Meyer 's website that she has another novel coming out this year called Heartless, and it is a retelling of the famous queen of hearts from the Alice in Wonderland tale. Overall, I 'm really glad I chose Cinder for my free choice. It introduced be not only to an amazing writer, but to and enormous
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