Cinderella Characters In Aschenputtle

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These three stories are about three girls that were treated horribly. All these girls were innocent and nobody treated them ok! These characters that were mean were truly cruel and rude. Everyone was jealous of them so they made them do all the chores. In every Cinderella story they had similarities. For example, all these Cinderella characters were treated very poorly. In aschenputtle she was treated poorly just because she was pretty. Another similarity is that all of them have some form of magic. In Yeh-Shen there were magical fish bones in aschenputtle theirs a magical tree, and in the Algonquin story there was a magical prince who could make himself invisible. Also, all of their sisters were extremely rude! In the Algonquin story the sisters cut off her hair and burned her just because she was beautiful and they didn’t want her near the prince. Yeh-Shen’s sisters were mean because they didn’t let her go to the ball. Aschenputtle’s sisters were mean because they made her pick lentils up three times. I guess the sisters got what they deserved because at the end they all ended up dying or suffering. On the bright side all of…show more content…
The biggest difference is where the story originally written at. Aschenputtle originally came from Germany, Yeh-Shen is from china, and the Algonquin story is for naïve Americans. Another thing about the magic is that they’re all different forms of magic. Aschenputtle doesn’t have magical fish bones! Also in aschenputtle and Yeh-Shen she had gold shoes in the Algonquin story she doesn’t have shoes at all. Another example is that some dads were dead and some dads were alive. And at last some of the princes chased the girls others the girl chased him. In the end it doesn’t matter about the clothes she wore or how you look. Cinderella was beautiful inside and out. The princes liked them because they like everyone else. They were themselves and the prince liked them for
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