Cinderella Culture

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Most people today have at least once heard or read a Cinderella story before. Did you know that almost each culture in our world has their very own version of the classic fairy tale? Cinderella stories range from short verbal tellings to live action movies. We live in a world that has many diverse cultures, the people in our world are responsible for making Cinderella stories that fit their own cultural needs. They decide what needs to be added or taken out based on what they believe or do in their everyday lives. The German story of Aschenputtel has had many modifications made to it to fit better into the German culture, than the original story of Cinderella would. Even though all these stories have many differences they all come together…show more content…
In Cinderella, the theme reveals the world wide moral that being beautiful on the inside is better than being beautiful on the outside. In the traditional story of Cinderella the stepfamily are very ugly on the inside yet beautiful on the outside. Cinderella is beautiful both inside and out, but she is punished for her kindness and beauty. The stepfamily float around gloating about themselves and they push Cinderella down metaphorically. In the end of the story Cinderella and her interior beauty are rewarded by marrying the prince, while the ugly stepfamilies evilness gets no reward. Although, the family has been very rude to Cinderella she decides to forgive her family. This provides evidence that the theme of the story is being beautiful on the inside is better than being beautiful on the outside. The theme provides us knowledge about the way people of lower social status are treated. People of lower social class or status were not to be seen at public events for it was conceived as embarrassing. For example, if the stepmother were to have taken Cinderella to the ball, the stepmother would have been mocked by her peers, leaving her to be incredibly embarrassed for Cinderella was at a lower social status than her and her…show more content…
Each story provides us with information about the culture it came from. The stories have their own unique characteristics, but when comparing the stories they all have many similarities. Aschenputtel and Cinderella are two very great stories. They both have their own personal differences like the setting, daily necessities, and structure. When you compare the stories they are very similar. They both teach us the lesson that kindness will always win over evil, even though they portray this in different ways. The classic villains, damsels, and princes can be found in both of the two stories despite their differences. These two fairy tales can both teach us valuable lessons about the cultures and beliefs of the stories
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