Cinderella Film Analysis

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Let’s take a look at things you probably didn’t know about Disney’s live-action remake of their classic animated movie.

To prepare to play Cinderella Lily James practised yoga every day to help get the right posture and elegance for her character.

She also took horseback riding lessons for six weeks. And to understand how Cinderella maintained her strength and goodness despite the cruelty she faced James researched spirituality reading about leaders and pacifists such as Gandhi.

To help develop the natural rapport real-life sisters have director Kenneth Branagh encouraged actresses Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera who play Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters to improvise on set.

To make Cinderella’s world feel both believable and fitting
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Which meant the movie’s design team could include earlier styles of architecture into their designs.

The set for the palace ballroom took around months to build at Pinewood Studios on the soundstage. The ballroom’s design was inspired by French architecture including the Louvre and the Hotel de Soubise both of which have grand staircases. The ballroom measured yards long yards wide and feet high and had marble floors and walls a huge staircase golden statues thousands of flowers and curtains made from more than yards of material.

In the ballroom there were huge chandeliers that were custom-made in Venice Italy. The chandeliers had almost oil candles each of which was lit by hand.

The movie’s design team built the exterior of Cinderella’s family’s home on location at Black Park a country park in Buckinghamshire England. The interiors of Cinders’ home including the bedrooms her father’s study and the attic were built on soundstages at Pinewood
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It took people hours to make Cinderella’s silk organza wedding dress. Unlike Cinders’ ball gown only one wedding dress was made. For Cate Blanchett’s wicked stepmother costumes designer Sandy Powell took inspiration from s photos of movie stars such as Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford. Powell used a strong jewel-tone colour palette and a lot of black for the stepmother’s clothes to give her a sharp edge in spite of her beauty. And she gave the stepmother and her daughters so many incredible outfits to emphasis the fact that they were spending all the money left by Cinderella’s father on their own clothes. The stepsisters’ outfits were deliberately designed with the cheapest fabrics to look over the top and tasteless. As well as making the sisters look silly this also helped keep the focus on the stepmother. Of all the characters in the live-action Cinderella costume designer Sandy Powell says the Prince is the one who looks most like his character in Disney’s animated Cinderella movie. In this new film the Prince’s costumes often feature shades of blue to accentuate actor Richard Madden’s blue eyes. And even though it would have been more historically accurate for the Prince’s uniform to have tight white breeches with baggy knees Powell thought fitted trousers looked more flattering. Helena Bonham Carter’s

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