Cinderella In The Ordinary World

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Ordinary World Cinderella was once a cherished and pampered daughter of a wealthy man. However, after her mother’s death her father married once again. Soon after the marriage her father to passed away leaving Cinderella to live with her wicked stepmother and two step sisters. Although, she has been through troubled times Cinderella remains positive about her life, while she is constantly stuck at home cleaning. Cinderella represents anyone who is alone and misunderstood, however, she wants to achieve her goal of a happy marriage. Meeting of the Mentor
Left at home, Cinderella must finish all her chores, while her step sisters head to the ball. However, her step mother said if she finished all chores she could also attend. She finished the task and her step mother ruined her opportunity leaving her alone at home. After about ten minutes into the movie following her call to adventure and refusal Cinderella meets a fairy godmother appeared and provided her with not only a gown, but with horses and a carriage to arrive in. The fairy godmother is an elderly woman who provides Cinderella with a sense of protection and guidance on her journey.

Call to Adventure At the beginning of the movie, the king wants his son to settle
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Constant chores, bickering, and rude gestures are all Cinderella knows since both her parents passed away. Thus, leaving her behind with a step-mother and two sisters, who are wicked as can be and out to destroy Cinderella. However, despite the wicked family Cinderella willingly does what she is told, although, it makes her depressed. In the movie, she was going to hide her identity from the prince, so that her mother would be pleased even though that meant Cinderella had to be unhappy the rest of her life watching the prince love someone else. Although, this did not happen Cinderella would have given up the life she deserved even for the people who have treated her so

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