Cinderella Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The Disney version of the story of Cinderella is loosely based off of the original short story written by the Grimm brothers. It follows the basic plot of the original story. The differences between the two lie mainly in the details of the story. The Disney version is milder, leaving out the more gruesome details form the book. The story is simplified to make it enjoyable for the children who watch it. One thing that differs from the story to the movie is the characters. While there are many of the same characters, such as the stepfamily and the birds, their personalities and roles change from the story to the movie. In the movie, there are many more animals that are included in the story. Instead of just helpful birds that appear in the book, there are also mice, horses, and a dog. The mice in the movie appear more than the other animals, and are more useful in helping Cinderella. The step sisters are not portrayed as pretty in the movie, but the book describes them as “beautiful and fair of face”. The father is alive in the books, and is so enraptured with his new wife that he joins in the bad treatment of Cinderella. The step…show more content…
In the movie, Cinderella is treated slightly better. She is allowed a personal room and a bed, where as in the book she slept in the fireside by the ashes. The ball lasts three days in the story, but is only one night long in the movie. When preparing for the ball, Cinderella is assisted by her fairy godmother in the movie, but requires help form the birds by her mother’s grave in the Grimm story. After the ball, the step sisters try to fit their foot in the shoe when the decree is made in the movie, but their efforts are useless. In the book, they are willing to do anything to fit in the shoe, and go as far as cutting parts of their feet off. The short story ends with another gruesome event when the step sisters’ eyes are picked out of their
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