Analysis Of Cinderella By Grimm Brothers Grimm

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The slipper reveals the flaws and cracks in the values that form the foundation of our society by being the embodiment of the human spirit. In order to comprehend how the slipper illustrates the lack of integrity in society’s morals, the influence it has on the populace needs to be considered. All three interpretations of Cinderella paints a picture of a materialistic world obsessed with wealth and status. Each variation, however, emphasizes different levels from the actions of an individual to the movement of an entire kingdom. In the Grimm Brothers version of this tale, the composition of the shoes change each day, ranging from “slippers embroidered with silk and silver”(Grimm 33) to slippers “of pure gold”(Grimm 46). These materials, which are known to be exclusive…show more content…
All of these women know that they are not the one who danced with the Prince, yet all of them want to desperately fit the slipper, just so they can be with a stranger who they do not truly understand or appreciate. As shown by Kit during his interactions with Cinderella, he feared her reaction if he revealed his true title. This again illustrates the shallowness of a materialistic society. The Grimm Brothers version narrows this criticism of society to the individual. It is stated that none of the stepsisters feet fit the slipper, compelling them to remove their toes and heels with a knife. Earlier in the story, when asked what they wanted by their new father, they replied with “beautiful dresses”(Grimm 8), “pearls and jewels”(Grimm 9). This characterizes the two as individuals who are passionate about appearance. This could also be seen in the film when they were dressing for the ball later that night. The large size of their feet which prevented them from fitting the slipper is a comparison to their insatiable demand for more. When they did sever off chunks of their feet, the shoe, a symbol of status and power, hid their wounds

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