Cinderella Research Paper

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As the front-loader washing machine in veranda spins, my eyeballs follow the circular motions. I watch the spin whenever my mom does the laundry, especially my favorite princess dress and teddy bear, Moca that I keep in my sleep. Although these two items are my favorites, I am paying more attention to something that no one would care: white, fragrant dryer sheets. There is a small mountain that no one ever seen in my room. It is a pile of various dryer sheets. Some are soft, some are wrinkled, and some smells just like my mom's perfume. When I throw myself to the cushy stack, I become the happiest princess, just as Ferry God Mother magically transformed Cinderella to the beautiful princess. It is because I am dreaming of using the dryer sheets for my art work. In the…show more content…
curfew in the story of Cinderella. One day, I walked in to my room and noticed that the mountain has disappeared. All dryer sheets are gone. The princess dress of my dream is gone. Something that I value the most is gone. My nanny threw them away, thinking that I am too lazy to clean up the mess. I sobbed as I stared at the blue trash bin outside of my house. I hated when my nanny and parents ignored what I like. I happen to like what they considered to be trash. I like trash bin. It contains numerous stories of people, including their secrets. Can trash never be valuable? What if I can recycle them? Anything in the world, even trashes, can be precious if I give meaning to it. Fast forward to my middle school years. To prove that even trashes can be valuable, I started to collecting recyclable materials. I gathered things from the trash bin whenever my mom got rid of unwanted or old stuff. I went to factories and trash dumps to find things that I could use again. I asked my cousins to donate things that are not useful for them. In school, I picked up papers that students tossed in trash bin. Last three years, I amassed recyclable materials and started using them for my art
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