Cinderella Short Story Analysis

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there are many similarities and differences between the story of Cinderella and the video based on it and so is the case concerning snow white 's story and the video based on it . moreover there are similarities and differences between Cinderella 's story and video and snow white 's story and video.
Of the similarities between Cinderella 's story and video are represented in the main characters the haughty step mother ,two sisters who exactly like their mothers and the good mother .also the sitting is similar it was in unknown time and place . in the video and story the step mother employed Cinderella in meanest work of the house and make her room in garret. Also the ball were in both story and video as well as the magic end at 12 in both. Moreover Cinderella
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In the story the queen tried to kill snow white many ways .first she ordered her hunter. second , she disguise as a pedlar-woman and tried to kill her with laces. third , she disguise again and took the shape of another old women and try to kill her with poisonous comb. fourth, she dress as a farmer 's wife and tried to kill her with a poisonous apple. But in the video , she uses two ways to kill her first by the hunter then she disguise as a poor old women who wants to eat and drinks. In the story , the prince asks the dwarfs to take her coffin with him to the castle.when they agreed , the prince 's servants stumbled with tree-stump and then the poisonous piece of the apple came out of her throat , but in the video she back to life when the prince kissed her. The end also different, in the story the queen was punished with iron slippers which had been put in the fire and she was forced to put in the red-hot shoes ,and dance until she dead. Whereas in the video, the king broke the mirror after he finding out all what happened to his daughter , and sent the queen as far as possible
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