Cinderella Story Analysis

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There have been many versions of the known Cinderella story. Statistics say that there are up to 3,000 different versions of this story (Cinderella Around The World). In each one there is a different perspective to a character or scene. Some of the common Cinderella versions are the Brothers Grimm’s story “Aschenputtel” and Charles Perrault’s “Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper” (the one Disney used); they both have different plots and characters. All of the differences in the plot of each story have given them the uniqueness that, for many years, have captivated the reader’s attention. There are multiple differences in the most common versions of Cinderella. One of the main ones are the details about Cinderella’s mother and father. In the Brothers Grimm version, they mentioned the death of Cinderella’s mother. In the story they included the last words the mother said to Cinderella which were “Dear child, be good and pious, and then the good God will always protect you, and I will look down on you from heaven and be near you”(Grimm). In Perrault’s story, however, Cinderella’s mom was just described in a few words. She was described as having “unparalleled goodness and sweetness of temper” which was given to her daughter, Cinderella (Perrault). There was not much said about the mother, other than this. Also in the Brothers Grimm story, there is much more said about Cinderella’s father, compared to Perrault’s story of Cinderella. He had many small parts in the story. In

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