Cinderella Story: Why I Fall In Love With You

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Why she absolutely has to fall in love with you.
Before we really get started, I want to dig into the power and key of this ability; this ability to create her Cinderella story. If you remember the movie, whether you 've seen the Disney cartoon or any of the live action versions, Cinderella is the star of the story. In all of the versions of Cinderella, it 's always a famous actress, or the girl becomes famous for being in the movie, but can you name a single actor who has ever played Prince Charming? He is a small character, and that 's why this story is so powerful, because she does most of the work. She creates her Cinderella story. She takes herself through the journey. All Prince Charming has to do is show up at the right time, say
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I do have to give you an important warning before we get started. The techniques in this course are extremely powerful. You will be able to make women fall in love with you. Do not use these techniques on a woman that you do not have strong feelings for. You can cause long-term emotional damage. There is no reason to use these techniques for evil. You can use these, and she 'll fall in love with you as you fall in love with her. That 's the purpose, and that 's the power of this journey together. Additionally, we talk a lot about a TEN, or your perfect woman, or your dream girl in this stor0y. Really, our definition of a TEN is a woman that you 're extremely attracted to. It 's up to you to decide, based on your own personal internal scale, what a TEN is, what your dream girl is. Everyone 's answer is going to be different. If everyone had the same answer, then millions of women would be left unmarried, because no one would be attracted to them. Everyone is attracted to different things: tall women, short women, brown hair, blonde hair. It doesn 't matter. You shouldn 't care what anyone else likes. You 'll notice, going through this course, that most of my pictures are of women with brown hair. That 's my personal preference. Because I made the slides, I got to choose that. If one of my friends made the same slides, they would have pictures of all blondes or

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