Cinderella Vs Ashputtle

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The fairy tale Cinderella was based on a fairy tale from the old days called Ashputtle. There were some difference and similarities between this two fairy tale. Difference would be is that in Ashputtle the father didn’t die and in Cinderella the father died. I believe that the writer for Cinderella believe that most of the audience would be kids and he didn’t want the kids to think that their father didn’t care for them. So the author said the Cinderella’s father died. A similarities between Cinderella and Ashputtle would that the glass slipper that was the item used to find Ashputtle and Cinderella. I believe that the author of Cinderella kept that part the same is because of romantic the reason is that the prince would not married the other people other than the person that he danced with.…show more content…
I believe that the author of Cinderella changed it is because since most of the audience is children the author wanted them to feel that there can be a person that can make your wish come true also the author add more mystic into the story more by adding in a fairy godmother. Overall, between this two fairy tale Ashputtle and Cinderella there are few difference and
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