The Innocence In Disney Movies

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From the bright colorful outfits to the amazing characters, it’s no surprise that western culture loves Disney movies. Children adore them, and parents love it because of the “innocence” of what these movies hold. However, behind the ruffled dresses and the songs that have become iconic in today’s day and age, lies a darker secret. The movies that Disney has produced, were once stories that originated from around the world, some countries include, France, Denmark, Italy, and some parts of Asia. These stories can be far from the innocent cartoon versions that audiences are used to, most stories have sinister origins, being based on legends and historical events that are, to gruesome and go into detail about unforgivable acts. Today, many historians…show more content…
In both stories, the main character was given a derogatory name by her step-family. In an attempt, to not only break her spirits but to make her feel horrible about herself. It wasn’t until both characters caught the attention of the prince when her step-family realized their wrongs. In Cinderella, when the prince places the slipper on Cinderella’s foot, the sisters realize that this was magnificent woman at the ball. The step-sisters see their wrongs, only when they find out who Cinderella really is, they ask her for forgiveness. In which, Cinderella than forgave her sisters, seeming to forget the years of abuse and turbulence that they have caused for her. Invites her step-sisters to live in the palace with the Prince and herself. However, this is not the case in the Brothers Grimm short story, Aschenputtel, which is not as forgiving as Cinderella. When the Prince finally figures out who Aschenputtel is, he takes her away to the palace to marry her. Aschenputtel stepsisters decide that is best in their favor to win the favor of Aschenputtel, so they can “share” the fortune with her. Unlike Cinderella, the stepsisters are not as easily forgiven. When it comes to Aschenputtel wedding to the prince, the stepsisters get their eyes pecked out by birds, at the church where Aschenputtel was getting married. This informs audiences, that forgiveness is not a simple act, as Cinderella portrays. From both stories, Aschenputtel makes readers understand that you don’t always have to forgive someone. It’s okay to say ‘no’, just because someone is ready to be forgiven, doesn’t mean you're ready to
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