Cinderella Vs. The Brothers Grimm's Cinderella

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Over a period of time people change. From how they raise kids, to what seems appealing to watch on television. With how Walt Disney likes to produce his movies with happy endings. Where everything ends just how the main characters want it to be. Not old are they appropriate, these movies give young children but they’re not violent or sexual. This is why Walt Disney made so much money from parents because they know behind their back that their children. In Cinderella, Disney took out two stepsisters cutting their heel and toe off and the pigeons pecking their eyes. Also, Cinderella has a magical bird that gives her what she needs, bit a fairy god mother. It's crazy to see how much a story can change so much and every parent will show their…show more content…
Brothers Grimm's Cinderella versus Walt Disney Cinderella What was cut out of the movie Cinderella was a folk tale rewritten in 1697 by Grimm. In 1950 Walt Disney productions made their version of the Brothers Grimm tale and made a movie. however, the movie was for children, so Disney cut out a few gruesome parts of the original. To be more specific, they took out the pigeons pecking out the stepsisters' eyes, and how the stepsisters cut off their toe and heel. How they are different and they’re changed. Characters and setting in the Disney movie, instead of having a tree with a wish granting bird, Cinderella had three fairy Godmothers. Also, there’s no tree on her mother's grave in the movie. There is still the small cottage she has to clean, but she goes to castle and must be back by midnight because of a spell, not to escape the prince. Finally, the most popular setting in the movie is in the ballroom, when she meets the prince. Overall people are going to have their different point of views of the story and how they were made at the time. People had different point of views when it comes to sexual, violence, etc. Back then people didn’t really care that much if they see a sexual part because its apart of how life is instead of having sheltered kids thinking birds deliver kids at night. I don’t think this will change anytime soon just for the fact parents love this way of raising their
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