Cinderella Waltz Monologue

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In Cinderella Waltz, the play, Don Nigro, who is the author and playwright of this and many others, does not include the ball in his play, but rather the conversations and important people that really inspire the play. When I read this I loved it! He is a american playwright who was born in 1949 and lives in Ohio. He has a bachelor arts degree in language arts and a master degree of fine arts! In his lifetime as a playwright he has written more than 400 plays! His plays are produced all over the world and loved by many! In this play; there is the wicked stepmother, 2 step sisters and Cinderella who is they 're maid. The prince’s scroll goes to deliver the invitations for the palace ball so that Prince can find a wife. He stops by their…show more content…
She talks about dancing with the prince and all the extraordinary food she ate and the wine that she and stepmother drank. She also got mad at her sister, goneril for being mean to the prince and not dancing with him the entire night. She said that goneril was the reason that the prince had sulked for most of the ball. Until cinderella shows up and steal the attention away with her incredibly gorgeous, and extraordinary elegant baby blue dress and glass slippers that everyone is completely jealous of. So for the rest of the time, the prince and cinderella get swept away in the whirls and twirls of the ball, they dance and dance and never break each other 's gaze or breakaway from each other. That is until the clock strikes midnight and cinderella pries herself away and bolts away from the castle before the spell wears off. She doesnt stop, not even when she loses one of her glass slippers on the stairs that lead up to the castle. She is completely jealous of cinderella and everyone can tell when she keeps talking about her with such distaste, and hate. Even though this play is very different than the Disney version of Cinderella, it 's still teaches us a very important lesson. It teaches us hot to find our true friends and also how to discover our true selves and do what is best for ourselves.In many ways, cinderella is a lot of people 's biggest role
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