Cinderheart Narrative

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“Wow,” A girl was leaning over Cinderheart, who was sprawled on the ground. Her leg was slightly at a strange angle, and it was already swelling up a bit. The story was that Heathertail, Cinderheart’s arch nemesis since grade two, was on the opposite team. My team. Cinderheart was sprinting to the third base when Heathertail chucked the ball at her and did other stuff (great word) that was sure to get her suspended. Note to Self: Make sure that Heathertail is at least five feet away from you at all times. All times. “Are you okay?” I blurted. Lionheart jogged to the crime scene. “Heathertail, straight to the office.” He said in a stern voice. Heathertail rolled her eyes dramatically while Honeyfern escorted her there. Then, in a gentler tone, he asked. “Have you ever had an injury like this?”…show more content…
“Okay, well, I’ll bring you to Bluestar and see if we need to take you the hospital.” LATER “Ivypool, would you mind running to the grocery store and buy some more potatoes? Thanks.” Mom smiled. I nodded and went upstairs to get some of my money. You never know what you can find at a grocery store. And maybe I could see if that shirt I have always wanted was on sale. My parents are very serious on how to spend their money. We aren’t rich but we aren’t poor. Dovewing, my younger sister, was lying on her belly on top of her twin sized bed reading a thick book. “I’m going to the store, and I just want to know if you need anything.” I told her. Dovewing didn’t even look up. “Mom said I could have a clock in our room.” “Oh, okay. I’m guessing that you’d like a framed clock?” “Yep.” Dovewing was still drenched in her book. I took a deep breath and grabbed my bag. “Okay, gotta
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