Cindersaurus: A Short Story

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Once upon a time, there was a dinosaur named Cindersaurus. Cindersaurus had a happy life until her mother died. Her father remarried a seemingly nice T-Rex, but unfortunately, he died shortly after. Cindersaurus’ stepmother turned out to be an extremely evil lady. She forced Cindersaurus to work and clean for her and her daughters. Cindersaurus was considered ugly because she never got pink scales from her family. Her family hated and mistreated her.
One day, many years after her father died, a letter arrived saying that there was going to be an event at the watering hole. Cindersaurus wanted to go badly.
“Please,” Cindersaurus wailed, “please let me go to the event!”
“FINE,” Growled the stepmother, “but only if you finish polishing my scales and my daughter’s scales, and then
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As she was getting water, a Quetzal (biggest flying animal ever) named Diego flew over to Cindersaurus. Diego's feathers resembled the color of an apple. “Cindersaurus!” he shouted, “The leader is at your house, hurry back and you may get a chance to put on the scale!”
“Thank you so much Diego,” Cindersaurus cried “you are such a nice pterosaur!”
Cindersaurus ran in just as the pteranodon started speaking. She hid behind the house to listen.
“I have come in search of the one who danced with the Leader, ” declared the pteranodon. “Whichever dino this scale fits will be married with the leader.”
“Well that's obviously me!” announced one off the step sisters.
“No,” argued the other stepsister, “that's a lie!”
The pteranodon tried the scale on both of them but it did not fit. Suddenly, Cindersaurus appeared just as the pteranodon was about to leave.
“Please!” Cindersaurus pleaded, “let me try on the scale!”
As the pteranodon walked to her, the stepmother growled at the pteranodon. The pteranodon, startled, dropped the scale. The scale fell and shattered on the floor. CRASH!
“No!” the pteranodon cried out “what have you
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