Cindy Crawford's Case Summary

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Cindy Crawford is a graduating senior at Setabump University and is majoring in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. She is the captain of the volleyball team and is one of the best players on the team. She has won player of the year three years in a row. Next month is their national championship game, which Cindy must play in to guarantee a win. This year, each teammate’s grades cannot be below a ‘B-’. Cindy is enrolled in Business Management 427, which is an online course taught by Professor Austin, who is also Cindy’s coach. Professor Austin has been teaching this course for five years as well as Cindy’s coach for three years. The two have a great coach-athlete relationship because of how well they work together when in these roles. Cindy loves him as a coach, but knows that as a professor, he is a tough. Professor Austin is a tenacious grader and very “by-the-book.” In the beginning of the semester, Professor Austin instructed his…show more content…
This approach focuses on the maximum benefit of everyone, disregarding whether or not they were derived from lies and deception. This approach would be the most appropriate when assessing a solution to this problem. The process of Utilitarian also helps to explain the assessing of this solution. First the approach says identify the possible solutions, we then look at the benefits and harms of each possible outcome, and last we choose a course of action that provides the most benefit for the overall group. The two groups of Utilitarians also help to lay out this case. One side of utilitarians focus on what will produce the best outcome, no matter what course of action is taken. Or the rule side of Utilitarians where they will do what is right for the good of
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