Cindy Ella's Character Analysis

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Robin Palmer wrote Cindy Ella. Palmer published this novel in 2008. “She quickly moved up the ranks and spent the next decade as a literary agent, producer, and television network executive at Lifetime Television, where she developed over one hundred scripts and oversaw the production of many of the network 's original movies” (Goodreads, 2017). “Palmer’s mother took her own life when Palmer was six years old” (Chronogram, 2012). Cindy Ella learns that as life goes on, not everything is fair. Cindy Ella’s, one of the main characters, her mother passed away at the age of six, Cindy Ella still remembers a fraction of her mother but after her mother’s passing, her father moved to L.A, and meets Ella’s stepmother and two stepsisters. The Stepmother,

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