Cindy Sherman Research Paper

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Cindy Sherman Cindy Sherman is a beautiful and talented photographer, model, and filmmaker. Sherman was born in 1954 on January 19th in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Sherman’s parents are Dorothy and Charles Sherman. Sherman began working with cameras because her father’s hobby was collecting cameras. Sherman dressed up a lot when she was younger which later became a part of her work. Sherman is now sixty-four years old. Sherman has only had one spouse named Michel Auder and they got married in 1984. Unfortunately, the relationship ended in 1999. Michel Auder was also a photographer and filmmaker. Auder was born in 1945 which makes an age difference of eight years between Auder and Sherman. Sherman attended State University College at Buffalo, New York. Sherman went to college to become an education major in art. Yet, Sherman failed her introductory photography class because print-making was too difficult for her. (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Sherman spent hours on her…show more content…
(Encyclopedia of World Biography). Sherman allowed viewers to “construct their own narratives”, so the photographs remained without a name. (Encyclopedia of World Biography). These photographs were all black and white. ‘Untitled Film Stills’ all had Cindy Sherman in the pictures, but the only difference was that Sherman dressed up differently. Sherman stated that picking the characters she did had to do with the outlook she had on sexuality and the people she viewed as her role models when she was younger. Sherman wants her viewers to question the outlook on gender roles. Andy Warhol said, “She 's good enough to be a real actress” because she played the characters very well in her photographs. (Encyclopedia of World Biography). In 1995, the Museum of Modern Art bought the ‘Untitled Film Stills’ for one million dollars and has been on display since
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