Cindy Sherman's 'Untitled Film Still # 35'

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“Untitled Film Still #35” is created by Cindy Sherman in 1979. We can see that there is a woman standing in the picture, and the background is consisting of black and white colors. The woman seems cold and mad. Most of the pictures in this series give the viewers an impression of popular film genres, like film stills. Sherman used the photography to express her idea, and she liked to convey female’s beauty for enjoying men’s gazing, which is a primary concentration of contemporary feminist theory, which consider gender as a socially constructed concept. In this picture, Sherman brought the stereotype of women roles in daily life, and the woman in this picture provided a role of independent and confident. Sherman overturned the position of men and women through these paintings, which can improve women’s position in our society and also can prove that gender equity problem is changing, women are having profound influence in our society.…show more content…
It shows two of the ten panels in her series of gigantic femmages, and we can see that they are in different colors style. The left side panel is basically dark with various patterns, and the right side panel is in bright colors with those patterns. This picture is consists of fabric and acrylic, the reason why Schapiro used these materials is because she wants to point out that women had been doing the collages works since long time ago, which can date back before Pablo Picasso introduce women to his art works. Schapiro was interested in hiding metaphors for womanhood in her pictures, and she called her works femmages. This series of gigantic femmages is based on the Japanese Kimonos pattern, fans and robes. The Anatomy of a Kimono is a representation of feminist art. It reflected women’s daily life work and fought equal rights for women in modern society and contemporary art. It made great contributions to feminist
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