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Cinema and literature have always complemented each other. Literature has provided cinema with its base ever since the birth of the medium. The patterns of the narrative of cinema, its proceeding style and its way of catching and arresting the attention of the audience are thoroughly adapted from literature. Indian cinema has always drawn its inspiration from world literature ever since its early days. O Henry is one of them and perhaps the most popular choice of Indian film makers. Movie makers of almost all Indian languages have made films based on the short stories of O Henry and Bollywood has led the race. Hindi Cinema since its Golden Period has drawn inspiration from the stories of O Henry. The movies based on the writings of O Henry…show more content…
Set in 1958 Bengal, the film is an extra ordinary blend of period drama and thriller (Faulkner, 60). The plot is largely based on the last leaf but Indianised as per the taste of the audience. While the essence remains authentically true to the short story of O Henry, representation is done in Indian style. The only area where Vikramaditya Motwane differs from O Henry is here the last leaf bridges the gap between the beautiful, young and matured female protagonist and her love where as in the pages of O Henry the bond between the painter and the little girl is much like that of a father and his…show more content…
It is based on The Gift of Magi. The National Award winning Movie features one of the most challenging actors of Bollywood Ajay Devgan and the former Miss World as well as an extra ordinarily talented actress Aisharya Rai in a very different look (Kumar, 89). Every single scene of the movie looks typically north Indian; dialogues carry Maghi flavours, songs draw their influence from Hindustani classical music but Jame and Della reflect throughout the movie through Ajay Devgan and Aisharya Rai. Though the movie is hardcore parallel in nature, it has been adored by the moviegoers all over the

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