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Can cinema change the world with its philosophical meanings about the world? By trying to use cinema as a tool, filmmakers themselves have discovered and made the audience experience the reality of how they see the world. To discover life through creating atmosphere with sounds and images, Cinema can make us feel the time in the space.

Poetry is defined as a medium which can make connections in this dynamic world of possibilities through writing. A form of art which has an ocean of abstract spiritual apprehension of knowledge and curiosity, but also a sense of undeniable empathy in context, which is fundamentally relatable material to the reader/viewer. Poetry is a medium of art that perhaps raises more questions rather than finding any
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The camera passes incidentally over the painting, hung alongside the other works comprising Brueghel 's Four Seasons series, in the course of the scene 's establishing shots. Then abruptly, the film cuts to a close-up detail of Hunters in the Snow, launching a lyrical sequence that lasts nearly two minutes, in which the camera, ostensibly independent of the diegesis, roves over the picture plane to a series of scrupulous pans and tilts reveals the intricacies of the painting—the expression on the face of a hunting dog, a bird perched on a snowy branch. However, thanks to the sequence 's editing, marked by heavy cross-fading, much of the exquisite detail of Brueghel 's tableau is obscured. Moreover, in spite and because of the tight focus of each shot in the sequence, the viewer never apprehends the “big picture” and instead misses the forest for the stark, snowy trees. The diegetic transition from the Hunters in the Snow sequence to a snippet of a home movie from Kelvin 's childhood reaffirms the painting 's role as a portal to nostalgia and memory. Understanding the sequence as a series of point-of view shots documenting Hari 's study and contemplation of the painting, one then understands the subsequent cut to the home-movie footage, which Kelvin had previously shown Hari shortly after her…show more content…
His influence of painting is evident in his photographs (as it is in his movies). Some of his landscapes have the grand sweep of Dutch 17th-century landscape or of Caspar David Friedrich. One is called ' 'Wyeth Landscape, ' ' and a couple of silent street. Wenders considers his still photography a kind of spiritual quest, much as his movies are, but seeking the spirit of places and the stories each one has to tell. The photographs are large enough to walk across -- several panoramas are almost 15 feet long. ' 'Place is the driving force of my filmmaking, ' ' he said, ' 'to let places tell the story instead of impose a story on a place. ' ' Most of his movies start with a location; narrative, which he finds much harder, almost an obstacle, comes afterward. ' 'Wings of Desire, ' ' a film about melancholy angels in Berlin who yearn to be human, grew out of an urge to portray that city. He said that if a film is inspired by a landscape or city, ' 'the story and its characters then become what it 's about. '

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