Cinema Devices In Face It

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Siegfried Kracauer, like Andre Bazin, was interested in viewing cinema from a realist perspective. When talking about their ideas, Bazin was more focused on capturing reality that already exists, whereas, Kracauer focused his attention on cinemas ability to redeem reality. To explain this would be to say, where the viewer is able to tap into the unconscious world of modernity but comes back to reality by the camera's gaze in the world of cinema. All in all, Kracauer was a German film theorist and believed that film should show the reality of the world. Kracauer believed that the Lumiere Brothers had demonstrated “the true domain of the cinema in the right manner”. While, George Melies pushed the limitations of film further by “substituting…show more content…
The thesis film, Face It, will demonstrate how these theories can be used together to create an aesthetically pleasing world. In regards to the realistic tendency, Face It, utilizes both subjective and objective methods. By utilizing camera movements such as pans to direct the viewer's eyes. Furthermore, the main implementation within the film was staging and blocking. These movements helped progress the story while also adding to the characters subtext through their actions and emotions. In regards to the realism element, this film has flipped the perception in that african americans are seen as the majority and caucasians as the minority. The film uses realistic tendencies to replicate the notion of realism. There was less use of formative tendencies, because it used a more realistic approach. However, as mentioned we are playing with a “parallel universe” and using the realistic ideology of today's world to explain it. One scene in particular that showcases the artists vision is the makeup scene, which utilizes slow motion shots to form a montage. This portion of the film is different than the rest of the film in style, but adds a deeper meaning to the subtext, in relation to the perception of
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