Cinematic Techniques In Horror Film

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Rationale This documentary script will explore how directors use cinematography and editing techniques in horror films to increase tension and create an impact upon the audience. To achieve this I will examine horror films over three decades and consider how cinematic techniques have been employed to involve and scare the audience. The horror films I will be analyzing are The Omen (1976), The Shining (1980), Let the Right One In (1982) and Orphan (2009). Word count: 73 Thesis statement: An exploration of how horror films have developed over time through the use of cinematic techniques. Visual Audio Fade in A pull back shot of Saint Patrick 's Cathedral, New York in the backdrop of a stormy sky will show…show more content…
In a disorderly manner, the painted posters of the four films under analysis could be seen with individual lights focusing on them while the rest of the hall is dark as the narrator makes the introduction. The posters are zoomed in individually with deep focus on the posters. Fade out Narrator: Reflecting upon his views about horror movies, Danny Draven says, “The key to making a good horror movie is to focus on the things that people fear”. As of now, a large number of movies have been produced in the horror genre, most of which have been able to make a huge impact on the audience. The Omen, The Shining, Let the Right One In and Orphan are four of such movies where the directors have managed to skillfully make the best use of editing techniques for crafting some of the best movies in the horror genre and successfully taking along the audience on a fear laden cinematic journey. Fades into a medium shot of narrator sitting on a chair in an interview room with plain black surroundings and light hitting on him. As the narrator starts to introduce how The Omen has happened, the scene fades into two black and white edited pictures, one picture at a time as it zooms into the picture and zooms
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