Similarities Between Othello And Bollywood

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Talking about the various screen adaptations of William Shakespeare’s work in India, one can at length go on speaking about the Bollywood or the Hindi adaptations of Shakespeare in various movies without even thinking that India does not particularly mean a single culture or linguistic dominance. What is important here in my paper is to break the icy ceiling beween the thinking of the people and society and transcend the set standards of thinking ,whereby I will talk about the various cinematic adaptations of Shakespeare’s work,particularly tragedies, into Malayalam or Mollywood . Having said that ,there is no speck of doubt that Bollywood has always been ready to accept new challenges but India being a pluri-cultural , multiethnic community cannot boast itself of just…show more content…
Despite the value of film adaptations, their very nature, being based on often very well-known, popular and impressive works of literature makes them horizontal to criticism. Traditionally, it concerns with the film‘s degree of fidelity‘ to the work it is based on, but more and more the notion of the genre‘s ‘specificity‘ is coming to the front, often along with a call for the use of genuinely cinematic strategies to ‘translate‘ the literary work into the new medium ..
The film Kaliyattam shows many instances of Intertextuality. Kaliyattam retells the play ‘’Othello’’ set in an early 20th century village in North Malabar. The war between Venice and Cyprus in Shakespeare‘s play has been substituted by Theyyam; The ruler and the village look upon Perumalayan as their God and hero, just like Othello is treated by Venetians. The complexity of ritual and tradition depicts how they can shape and even destroy people‘s lives Othello is a Moor in the original text, in the adaptation Perumalayan is presented as an untouchable , his face blemished by small-pox, use of the caste concerns of the Indian society and the associated prejudices to develop the suspicious nature of the

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