Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Movies

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Tim Burton’s Movies are thrilling,Happy at the same time.Some of Burton's most famous movies are Beetle Juice,Edward Scissorhands,and Charlie and the chocolate factory.He is known for making his dark and scary movies.He uses all of the cinematic techniques to create different moods.Tim Burton uses sound,framing and lighting to create movies that are funny and scary all at the same time keeping it kid appropriate. He uses sound to create different feelings in parts of the movies.In one of his movies Edward Scissorhands, he used Diegetic sound when Edward is locked the room and the alarm start’s going off.This shows that Edward is in trouble and he knows it too.A other good example is his movie Charlie and the chocolate factory when they walk into the part of the factor were the chocolate river is he uses non-Diegetric sound which creates the illusion that the factory is a fun and happy place to be.In Edward Scissorhands they are having a barbeque to welcome Edward into the community and they have non-diegetic sound That creates music that shows that the barbecue is a fun place to be at.Tim Burtons sound is a key factor of making his movies the way they are. He uses different shots and angles to make things look bigger

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