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The film “Raging Bull” made in 1980 by Martin Scorsese was based on a self destructive, highly emotional boxer named Jake La Motta as he battles through life. As his fierce attitude and violent temper takes him to the top of ring it ruins his family and life outside of boxing. Throughout the film we discussed the importance of the cinematography through out the film and why it played such an important role in developing “Raging bull”. Also the theme of anger and violence is displayed throughout the film. Jake never changes, from start to finish he is an emotional wreck, isolated and quick tempered.
“Raging Bull” displays great work of cinematography which basically means the art of making motion pictures. Its the recording of light that
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Many say the best aspect of this film was its cinematography which greatly affected the feel and look throughout. From the opening credits to the last scene of the film the Cinematography was very important, the first scene of the film Jake LaMotta is alone preparing for a fight in a smoky ring. While this scene was shot in slow motion, with its wide angle lens which enlarged the size of the boxing ring. The use of the close frame composition techniques makes the viewers notice that Jake LaMotta is completely…show more content…
Jake throughout the whole entire film cant control his emotions, his anger and physical violence towards his opponents and his own family follow him throughout the film. Jake being the main focus he is not the only one with high tempered issues. His Brother Joey played by the great Joe Pesci ,for example Joey literally beat the neighborhood gangster Salvy senseless because he was fooling around Jakes wife Vickie. Joey brutally attacked Salvy played by New jersey native Frank Vincent, joey wouldn 't stop, no one could hold him back and it show that violence and anger runs in the family.
“Raging Bull” is American classic, Its again arguably one of Martin Scorsese’s best films. the cinemetogaphy displayed throughout the whole film gives the movie a different feel to it then any other drama or so called sports film ever made. This is easily one of the most powerful films that was ever made, “Raging Bull” is a cinematic masterpiece and will go down as one of the best films of all time thanks to its constant fluid theme of violent and anger and most important it cinematography which made the movie so noir . “Raging Bull” has changed the way american films and film writers are

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