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Overall Message The overall message of the movie is manipulation. This pushes the story on and creates many plot twists. Plot The movie starts off with an older man sewing drugs into a toy doll. This is then snuck onto a plane by Lisa, that then gets passed to a man named Hendrix because she saw Mr.Roat. The scene then changes where two guys were told to go into Mr.Hendrix house, there the met Mr.Roat. He offered them a deal of money to search for the doll that Lisa had passed to the man that lived in the house they were in. This is when Hendrix wife came home, during their meeting. Her name was Susy, and she was a blind lady. Throughout the movie Carlino and Mike try and get to know her to find where might the doll be.The three men try…show more content…
The movie itself had pretty basic camera angles that weren’t to difficult. This is shown through clips of a still camera. Towards the end there is a lot more camera movement, but in the beginning there are a lot of clips that where just the actors moving. An example of the pretty basic shots are when the criminals are searching through the home. It switches from room to room with little movement. Although the angles were not extravagant, for this particular movie i feel as if they didn't need to be. Most of the story came from the actors and the dialogue shared from one another. Overall the cinematography was done well in my opinion, and was not to annoying or crazier than it needed to…show more content…
The make up was very natural and simple for the ladies (Susy,Lisa) and the men looked slightly aged with lines on there faces. As for the clothes, the criminals wore suits along with their outfits for when they were tricking Susy. Susy and gloria wore nice clothing such as simple dresses, nice pants, and shirts with collars. There clothing matched the time period and matched their hobbies. For example, Susy stayed home a lot because of the fact she is blind, therefore she wore simple clean clothes not fancy ball gowns. Another example of the use of good costumes is glorias everyday clothing. The headband and collared shirts portrayed her as a young girl still in her studies. Overall the costumes and makeup represented the characters personality as well as the tasks each one dose throughout the movie. Historical Accuracy The historical accuracy matched up pretty well. As talked about above the costumes and look of each character matches what people from back in the 1960s-1970s. They create this by the props used such as the older phones, phone booth, and appliances. The movie shows another accurate part when the Mr. Hendrix had to develop his film, unlike nowadays how we can print it out or keep it on our phones. Overall the accuracy accomplished made the movie have a realistic feel to it, which enhanced the film a lot. Overall

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