Cintas List The Seven Most Dangerous Driving Habits

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Habits are developed by humans almost unwillingly. Good habits can arise like eating healthy, exercising regularly, or good manners. On the other hand, bad habits can easily be adapted as well. Drivers have adapted many risky habits that often put other road users in dangerous situations. These hazardous actions could include road rage, ignoring traffic laws, drinking and driving, or texting and driving. Risky driving is not an unknown concept to the public. Even though most people go through driving classes and tests where they learn how to drive safely, dangerous driving habits are still frequently taking place. Having road rage may seem harmless, but it can have detrimental effects. This rage can be caused by many sources, most of which …show more content…

Traffic laws are avoided and taken for granted every day, similar to red-light violations, speeding, and not wearing seat belts. In the article, “Cintas Lists the Seven Most Hazardous Driving Habits”, a person who performs these driving habits is known as “The Rule Breaker.” Running a red light is expressed by aggressive drivers, rushing, or not paying attention. Red-light violations are often so dangerous due to the collision that usually occurs at 45 degree angles (Moser). This type of collision can have an outcome of severe injuries. Even with side-impact airbags, the energy of the crash is not able to be absorbed through the vehicle’s engine compartment …show more content…

These norms are not only life-threatening to the driver and his or her passengers, but also to others sharing the road. In fact, many studies show that a person talking on the cell phone is just as likely to crash as a person who has a blood alcohol concentration of .08% (Moser). Even worse, a person who is texting and driving is 60 times more likely to crash (Moser). Too many people put their lives and the lives of others at risk when they make the careless decision to text or drink and drive. Approximately 18,000 people in the United States die as a result of drunk driving (Moser). Drinking and driving is also not just a one-time offense in most cases. Of those arrested for drunk driving, one third will be arrested again for the same offense, proving that this action is a habitual crime (Moser). Everyone develops faulty driving habits, some much worse than others. Drivers have become dependent on some risky habits that may seem innocuous, but are actually exceedingly dangerous. Road rage, ignoring traffic laws, drinking and driving, or texting and driving are becoming a convention. As more people convert to these unacceptable actions, the roads become even more perilous. Reevaluating the way individuals drive could end up saving someone’s

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