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For this journal assignment, I decided to evaluate Cinthia’s oral hygiene needs. I decided to evaluate Cinthia because she lacks oral hygiene. Cinthia is the youngest from the family. She spends half of her time playing with our baby niece and the other half watching random you tube videos in her ipad. Like any other kid, cinthia loves candy and pop. She drinks pop most of the time instead of drinking water. Cinthia has been wearing braces for almost a year. She has braces on her maxillary teeth. Cinthia brushes her teeth at least twice a day and does not floss at all. She is currently using Colgate as a toothpaste and Listerine Smart Rinse. Tooth number 22 is labioverted and has localized hypoplasia on her anterior teeth. Also, Cinthia has blunted papillae. At her age, Cinthia may not understand the importance of maintain healthy teeth. Therefore, educating her on how to properly brush her teeth and what techniques to use will help her improve as she grows up. As for Cinthia’s dental status, I will first teach her how to properly brush her teeth. Cinthia is currently doing the scrubbing technique. Since this technique is neither effective nor recommended, I will teach her the rolling technique. The rolling technique will help her maintain the mandibular teeth from getting abrasions. I will recommend Cinthia the interdental…show more content…
Walking into the colorful and bright aisle; I saw more of the Colgate toothpaste products. I noticed that these products are expensive than any other toothpaste they have at Wal-Mart. Also, I noticed the different kinds of toothbrushes. Wal-Mart has toothbrushes for kids and adult with different bristles styles. Now, that I know more about oral hygiene products, I am able to see the differences between each style. With the knowledge I have, I am able to recommend products for Cinthia to improve her oral hygiene methods. Overall, this aisle is easy to find and I will certainly recommend this

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