The Circle Of Reason Analysis

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In The Circle of Reason, there is search for identity, forcible movement (migration) from their homelands, search of a lost home, rootlessness, alienation, etc all of which builds the diasporic consciousness and experience. Ghosh projects the ‘concern’ for all the workers and professionals in quest for better life. But after going there the emigrants are mistreated and humiliated which is aptly observed by R.K. Kaul in his article Another Triumphant Entry – Amitav Ghosh, The Circle of Reason: “This is the first novel which depicts the life of expatriate Indians in the Gulf States. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh may be engaged in recriminations among themselves but emigrant from these countries are treated as one ethnic stock by Arabs. The Arab…show more content…
In Asnani’s words, “It is also interesting tale of myriad colorful people, of man’s relation with the machine, his curse and salvation with science and reason” (Asnani, 1987: 226). The story begins with the protagonist, Alu (Nachiketa), comes to a village Lalpukur, about a hundred miles north of Calcutta, near the border. As his parents are killed in a car accident, Alu, an eight year old orphan boy comes from this village to live with his uncle and aunt - Balram Bose, an intellectual rationalist and Toru Debi, superstitious and tradition bound. Although Balram and his brother have been separated long back, Balram and Torudebi decides to take in Alu and raise him up as they are deprived of children. His rickshaw is chased by Bolai da, who runs a cycle repair shop in that village. Alu is given this nick name by his phrenologist uncle since his large head looks like a potato “an extraordinary head, huge, several times too large for an eight year old, and curiously uneven, bulging all over with knots and bumps” (9). His uncle is obsessed with phrenology and his aunt with sewing machine in equal measure. He is admitted to Bhudeb Roy’s school where Balram Bose teaches. Alu is hard to describe. He is neither tall or short nor dark or fair and is a voracious

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