Circles In Dante's Inferno

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Dante’s Inferno is about a man name Dante Alighieri that goes thru the nine circles of hell. Each circle represents a sin(s) that you have committed and you’ll have to repent for them before your soul completely passes on. Limbo, the first circle of hell is for non-Christians and unbaptized pagans that reserve punishment from within entity of this circle from heaven’s inferno. Lust, the second circle of hell is for the people who are filled with nothing but lust, which means all they want is sexual pleasure, and they are punished by strong winds that violently push them back and forward. It is also one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gluttony, the third circle of hell is the overindulgent food, water, and other worldly pleasures, and Gluttony is…show more content…
Violence, the seventh circle is divided into rings starting with the outmost ring houses, murders and other people that are violent, then the middle ring has suicides that turn into trees. The inner ring has blasphemers and Sodom that resided in the desert. The punishments starting from the outer ring to the inner ring are as follows sinking in a river of boiling blood and fire; middle you turn into a tree/bush and grow berry that will be eaten by harpies(girls that have bird limbs); live in the burning hot desert where it rains but the rain is burning as well. The eighth circle, Fraud, this one is split into ten bolgias starting with panderers & seducers, second bolgia for the flatters, third bolgia for the guilty of simony, fourth bolgia for sorcerers & false prophets, fifth bolgia corrupt politics, sixth hypocrite, seventh bolgia for thieves, eighth divisive individuals, ninth bolgia for falsifiers, and the tenth is for the perjurers and counterfeits. There is no particular punishment to speak of for the eighth circle. Treachery, the ninth and final circle of hell is divided into four rounds where they all take place in a frozen lake. The worst your sin the further down you
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