Circular Patterns In Macbeth

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Macbeth has many forces acting upon him. Most of them are negative in a modern day viewpoint. There is a circular pattern in the play Macbeth. It starts with the knowledge of prophecy. Then a thought of action followed by support for the act. Then a deep feeling of regret for the thought and a feeling of betrayal. Then later he would remember the prophecy again and repeat the cycle. This shows the conflict of interest on Macbeth in the play. Although in my opinion circular, there is a force driving him to be loyal to the king that was good to him. While he is also looking out for himself because he wants to be the King. Macbeth as a dynamic character is very active as a warrior for his kingdom. Although what he did was gruesome and brutal, he is viewed as a war hero in his kingdom. When he returned from battle “with his brandish'd steel”(LL Sergeant (A camp near Forres)) he was granted the title Thane Of Cawdor. This was because of two variables; his heroin and the execution of the previous Thane. The previous Thane was executed because he tried to execute the king just as Macbeth has thought of doing. This is one of the forces acting on Macbeth. He understands the possible consequences if something goes wrong.…show more content…
If I were to put her into words, it would be deception. She wants power for herself and is using Macbeth to get that power she lusts for. She accuses him of “ [Living] a coward in thy own self esteem”(LL Lady Macbeth (Macbeth’s Castle)). Implying that he is being a coward by not taking hold of the prophecy and carrying through with his plan. This is his wife and the woman he loves. To not listen to her is as hard as listening to her for Macbeth. She is persistent on Making him carry through with this dastardly deed. She is his equal and “What cannot you and I perform upon the unguarded Duncan?”(LL Lady Macbeth ( Macbeth’s castle)). She is very willing to help him in the action of killing the

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